About us

women’s stories

Our History: a journey without borders from Castiñeiras

We are a recently created production company led by Sara Horta.
Indígena Films was born from the need to tell women’s stories from a personal point of view and that have a place in the international film circuit.

Our Origin Galicia, the Scope Global 

We were born in the heart of Tropical Galicia, in Castiñeiras, a parish in Ribeira. However, we are not limited by geographic borders or physical offices. We are digital nomads, and our paperless virtual office allows us to be everywhere at the same time. This means that we are always available to you, with the freedom to work from any corner of the world.

Stories that Inspired Us

Indígena Films was born with a passion: to tell women’s stories from women’s perspectives. We believe in the power of authentic and diverse narratives. Our vocation is to give voice to the experiences, dreams and struggles of women of all cultures, to promote values of equality and multiculturalism.

Thank you for being part of our ever-evolving story – we hope you enjoy our borderless cinematic journey!

Do you have a project with some of the following characteristics?

  • If you are a woman who has a story to tell
  • If the protagonist of your story is a woman
  • If it promotes the visibility of sustainability, multiculturalism
  • If it is about a contemporary topic
  • If it’s magical realism

You can send us the synopsis by email: hola[arroba]indigenafilms.es

We would like to know your project

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