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about us

Women's stories told from a paperless company

Indígena Films was born with the vocation of creating women’s stories told by women. It was born from the need to promote values and open borders to multiculturalism.

The company was born in Castiñeiras, a parish of Ribeira in Tropical Galicia but we do not have a physical office and therefore we are everywhere at once. We are itinerant, we have a virtual office without paper, so it is easier to see us

* with so much freedom


In distribution

Subsidized by the Xunta de Galicia and the ICAA.

In Financiation

Script written by Giselle Llanio and Araceli Gonda. With a subsidy from AGADIC.

In development
Script and development with financing from the Xunta de Galicia, AGADIC and Feder Funds

Do you have a project with some of the following characteristics?

  • If you are a woman who has a story to tell
  • If the protagonist of your story is a woman
  • If it promotes the visibility of sustainability, multiculturalism
  • If it is about a contemporary topic
  • If it’s magical realism

You can send us the synopsis by email: hola[arroba]

We would like to know your project

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